Parents Talk


When it comes to children’s immunizations, the science, facts and hoards of information can be overwhelming. Learning the many reasons parents choose to immunize their child can help to reassure and confirm your choice to immunize.

Here’s your chance to share why YOU are a champion for your child’s health. Sharing your own story about why you choose to immunize your child can have a big impact on other parents. Together, we can help spread the truth and guide others in feeling confident about their choice to immunize. Now’s the time to stand tall and say, “Yeah, we’re good.”

  • Gayle Powell
    Lorton, Virginia
    Kids: 3

    I have three kids, and make sure they are all up to date on their immunizations. A small amount of pain now protects from the possibility of much worse later.

  • Lynn Trefren, RN, MSN
    Denver, CO
    Kids: 2
  • Erich Kirshner
    Denver, CO
    Kids: 3

    Erich Kirshner, owner of Kirshner Communications, gives thanks for healthy kids in the Healthy Kids Thank-A-Thon 2009.

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