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Vaccine Exemption

In Colorado, vaccines are required for school entry to maintain the health of your child and his or her classmates. When the majority of people in a community are protected through vaccination, there is less opportunity for disease to enter. 

Most states, including Colorado, allow parents to exempt their children from a vaccine for medical, religious or philosophical reasons and still attend school. Oftentimes, parents sign an exemption out of convenience, such as when vaccination records are not readily available or vaccination requires more than one trip to the doctor’s office. Concerns about vaccine safety may also deter a parent from making the choice to vaccinate.

Making the choice to forego vaccinations for these and other non-medical reasons carries unnecessary risk that is far outweighed by the benefits of vaccination. Vaccines are held to the highest standards of safety, and are studied extensively before they're recommended for kids and are continually monitored after recommendation. No medical intervention is 100% safe, but the risk of vaccine side effects is very small in comparison to the benefits of preventing disease. The diseases that we vaccinate against are real and potentially dangerous or life-threatening for your child.

Choosing not to receive a vaccine or to not vaccinate on time leaves a child at risk of getting the disease the vaccine protects against and places others at risk. Choosing to vaccinate is the best way to protect your child from diseases that could cause serious complications. 

When they’re protected, they’re good.

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