Fact Or Fiction


A 2014 poll suggests that, while over half of parents have questions and concerns about vaccines, almost 9 out of 10 vaccinate according to schedule or are intending to do so.”

We all want to be informed advocates for our children’s health. As a result, parents often turn to internet, television, media, celebrities, peers and experts for information. The trouble is, which of these sources tell the truth? Which provide reliable, factual, research-based data?

We know that finding resources you can trust can be confusing and some sources can plant seeds of doubt. We also understand that you are not a statistic; you are a parent looking to make the best choice for your child’s health.

This section presents up-to-date, well-studied information that will prepare you to make a confident, informed decision for your child’s health. We’ll address your top concerns and help you get to the facts about childhood vaccinations so you can be confident in your choice to immunize your child.

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