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Now is the time to join the vast majority of parents who immunize. Read the countless reasons why parents immunize their children and tell Colorado why you stand up for children’s immunization. This is your opportunity to educate others and share your understanding that immunization is the best way to keep children healthy and protected.
Because when they’re protected, they’re good.

  • Luckily, I have a friend who is an MD, so when any of my mom friends talk about not vaccinating while their rubbing their big, beautiful bellies, I (somewhat) stay out of it and tell them to give her call. I know it's scary and people want to believe in conspiracy theories or myths that vaccines are bad. And worse, want to shame others for vaccinating. But we MUST put aside that nonsense and stand bravely together to we protect the weakest in our communities: the elderly. The pregnant. The newborns. Those with AIDS or other immune diseases. We are so lucky that most of the terrible diseases we're vaccinating against are things we've never seen: the pain, suffering and crippling results of polio, diphtheria, rubella and so many more. I don't want to see these diseases in my town. On my street. In my child. So I'm doing my part to help keep them out. I won't call you to the table or give you a hard time if you choose not to vaccinate; but I do expect you should thank me for doing my part. And I will keep you in my thoughts and heart, hoping you--and the rest of us--will never have to face the real cost of your hedged bet.
    Boulder, CO
    Kids: 1
  • Sure, I don't have kids yet, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to protect them. I always get all the immunizations I need to be one less person that can get others sick. By just getting the flu vaccine I am preventing the spread of illness. Who wouldn't want to do that?
    Dawn Crawford
    Raleigh, NC
  • We believe that by choosing to vaccinate our son that we are not only protecting him, but all the other children he interacts with on a daily basis. Modern science has allowed us to protect all of our children...and for that we are grateful.
    Centennial, CO
    Kids: 1
  • It is alarming to see the recent rise in childhood diseases like pertussis. My wife and I get ourselves and our children vaccinated to protect not only our family, but other vulnerable members of our community as well. It is important to know that we are helping to build a healthier world.
    Mike Smith
    Denver, CO
    Kids: 2
  • In 1981 (when I was 9 yrs old) my best friend, neighbor and classmate, Renee, complained of a stomachache a few days before Christmas. Candy, cookies and the excitement of Santa was to blame. Unfortunately, by the next morning, she had become completely jaundiced. By the time she was diagnosed with Hepatitis, her liver had malfunctioned causing brain swelling, internal bleeding and more. She received 48 units of blood via two transfusions, but it wasn’t enough, and she died less than six weeks later; leaving behind an older brother, her parents and countless family, friends and classmates. Now that I'm a mom of a 9 yr old, I'm thankful for the protection vaccines provide to him. Not only is he immunized against Hepatitis A & B, so am I.
    Heidi Hurst
    Reno, NV
    Kids: 1
  • I am very committed to making sure my kids receive all of their immunizations on time. In our house, getting immunizations is the same as wearing a helmet while biking and buckling up when getting into the car. The thought of my kids having to suffer through a vaccine-preventable disease when there is a way to prevent them breaks my heart.
    Erica Bloom
    Denver, CO
    Kids: 3
  • Before I actually did the research, I was totally buying in to all the hype: "Vaccines are dangerous," "Vaccines have more risks than rewards," "We have to green our vaccines" (whatever that one meant). I guess I just believed whatever I heard because there are so many vocal voices against vaccination. But then I snapped out of it and actually learned the facts. Yes, there are risks with ANYTHING we do for our kids and the same goes for vaccines. But vaccines are all rigorously tested and they're scientifically proven to prevent many horrible (and sometimes fatal) diseases. So, it's a no-brainer for me now. When I have kids, will I vaccinate? Absolutely. I will be proud to protect my child and I will know I am doing the right thing for my kids' health. Simple as that.
    Denver, CO
  • My Grandmother suffered from polio as a child. I feel so lucky that I can protect my kids from diseases that caused past generations so much fear and illness.
    Westminster, CO
    Kids: 3
  • My nephew and my son's best friend has leukemia. We see it as part of our family duty to shield him from infection. Even a seemingly simple flu bug could make him very sick. Not vaccinating is not an option in our family.
    Golden, CO
    Kids: 1
  • As a child caregiver, I am so thankful for immunizations. Children share everything! All the kids in my care are fully vaccinated, which means we can focus on the positive things -- learning, growing, playing, and having fun!
    Denver, CO
    Kids: 2

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