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Immunization Records

Between planning healthy dinners, baby gym and doctor’s visits, parents have a lot to remember when it comes to their child’s health. The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) makes it easy and simple for healthcare providers to keep track of your child’s immunization records.

CIIS keeps your child’s information in one place, and makes their records available to your child’s school, healthcare provider, and hospitals, or for your insurance purposes. CIIS helps you and your child’s healthcare provider stay up-to-date on which shots your child has received, and which shots he or she will need.

CIIS also safely holds your child’s shot information in the case of a family move, disease outbreak or natural disaster. All of your child’s information entered into CIIS is secure and confidential.

Visit the Colorado Immunization Information System to learn more about how they can help you access and maintain your child’s immunization records. 

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